Learn more about our services and how we can optimize the performance of our customers in the international market

Due to the internationalization of businesses, companies increasingly need efficiency and cost optimization to operate and compete in the global market. For this reason Intercargo de Franca has a highly experienced, efficient and specialized team, divided into specific and complementary sectors, to comply with all the international trade and logistics procedures from A to Z.
All our services have recurring follow ups so that our clients can monitor their international trade operations in real time.

Customs Brokerage

Much more than a Cargo Agent

In Brazil, import and export procedures can be quite bureaucratic and, sometimes, complex. Therefore, it is usual to hire specialized services in order to have more efficiency and be sure that all the procedures will be followed accordingly. That is why we complement our activities as a Cargo Agent with customs brokerage, full documentary assistance and customs advisory services.
The activities of a customs broker begin long before customs clearance. For this reason, Intercargo de Franca seeks a close interaction with its customers, aiming to make customs clearance a perfect extension of the company’s logistics activities.
We are responsible for customs clearance and multimodal operations.

Document Assistance


  • Export Order Analysis
  • Elaboration of Proforma Invoice
  • Review of Importer’s Shipping Instructions
  • Analysis of Letters of Credit (LC)
  • Bank negotiation
  • Preparation / issuance of all documents required for shipment, such as commercial invoice, Bill of Lading, Interim Footwear Invoice, Certificate of Origin, invoice instructions and others
  • Foreign exchange contract
  • Send documents abroad
  • Submission of all the documentation prepared during the process
  • Assistance for document legalization at Consulates and Embassies

Siscomex Departments

We have two separate Siscomex departments, one for export and another for import.

Siscomex Export:

Specialized in DU-E (export declaration) and LPCO emissions (Licenses, Permissions, Certificates and Other Export Documents).

Siscomex Import:

Our Siscomex Import department has the necessary expertise for the procedures:

  • Issuance of Import Licenses (LI) for all regulatory agencies
  • Import Declarations (DI)
  • Drawback
  • Assistance with obtaining the Radar Permit (required by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Bureau for a Brazilian company to operate in foreign trade)

Air transportation


  • Freight Quotation
  • Booking requests
  • International freight negotiation
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Shipment of samples under special conditions
  • Receipt of goods at specific terminals
  • Documentary examination and general instructions
  • Air Waybill Issue – AWB
  • Collection of airport fees
  • Customs Clearance – merchandise check
  • Palletization of loose cargo
  • International Insurance hiring

Import Department


  • Tax classification and cost feasibility analysis of importation processes
  • Air, Sea and Road Freight quotations
  • Complete assistance from goods collection at supplier until delivery at the importer
  • B/L and AWB emission
  • Advisory on foreign exchange contracts
  • Customs Clearance
  • Transportation of goods to final destination
  • Cargo removal
  • International Insurance hiring


Ocean Shipping


  • Freight Quotation
  • Booking procedures
  • International freight negotiation
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Receipt of goods at specific terminals
  • Documentary examination and general instructions
  • Container stuffing
  • Bill of Lading Issue – B/L
  • Collection of Port Fees
  • Customs Clearance
  • International Insurance hiring


Other Land

Exporter & Importer

In 2004, we have noticed the need of creating an Export & Import company to assist customers who do not have Radar, permit required by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Bureau for a Brazilian company to operate in foreign trade. Moreover, we are able to reduce costs through cargo consolidation. That is why we have created Other Land, a company part of Intercargo de Franca Group that aims to be another facilitator element for international business.

Road transportation


  • Freight Quotation
  • Booking procedures
  • Documentary examination and general instructions
  • CMR issue
  • Collection of border fees
  • Customs Clearance
  • International Insurance hiring
  • Send documents and monitor road processes in the Brazilian borders


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